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Jason Derulo pulls a Maxwell, gets naked for video

Jason Derulo pulls a Maxwell, gets naked for video

Published February 12th 2016

Jason Derulo has made a bold choice with releasing his new song, “Naked”, and believe it or not, I’m actually not even referring to the video.

Jason Derulo Naked

For the video, Jason stripped down completely, reminding you of a time, way back, when Maxwell did so for his video. K Michelle is also playing a part in this video.

Recently, it was reported that women want to see more naked men in videos to balance out all the female nudity, so Jason met up with that demand, but there is a flip side to this song.

Bold Choice

Jason has just had the biggest hit of his career with “The One I Want To Want Me”. With this song, he’s managed to attract a whole new audience that connected with him. It’s a bold choice to release “Naked” next, due to the angle, sound and tone of voice. It’s like it’s a different Jason Derulo from all of his previous material and he could risk alienating his mainstream audience. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next with him.

With him stripping down and the song also containing a snippet of lyrics that is taking a swipe at ex girlfriend Jordin Sparks, it gives enough for people to talk about though -> “Yeah I broke up with my ex and I ain’t talked to her since/The only time I need a spark is when I light up my spliff”.


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