Max Martin interview for Polar Music Prize 2016

Published February 11th 2016

The name Max Martin is one that has been buzzing in the business for many years. He’s the writer and producer of many pop hits ranging from Maroon 5, Britney Spears to Adele and Katy Perry. I’ve already written about him before.

Max Martin Rarely Does Interviews

Even though the press has been writing more about him over the past few years, it’s very rare for Max to give interviews. He really tries to stick to what he’s good at, which is making the music and doesn’t appear to let himself get too distracted by the hype that is building up around him.

Polar Music Prize 2016

In Sweden, he will receive the Polar Music Prize this year, and for the official announcement, he had to face the music and talk about his work. In this rare interview, you will see him talk about his career and how he sees music.

You will also hear him sing, which was a surprise to me. I knew he was in a band before, but I never knew he was the lead singer.

Star Endorsement

Some of the stars he worked with also talk about the hitmaker in this video. It’s a must see:

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