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David Bowie breaks Vevo record

David Bowie breaks Vevo record

Published January 14th 2016

Just a few months ago, in October 2015, Adele broke Vevo’s records, but now David Bowie has broken them again.

Vevo’s “most viewed” record crumbled after the news came out that Bowie had died. Everyone collectively started watching the back catalog of his music on both YouTube and Vevo, causing a massive increase of 5,198 percent.

On January 11th alone, his videos attracted 51 million views versus the 36 million views Adele’s “Hello” had attracted on the day of its release.

People are now wondering if Bowie will also end Adele’s album chart success. Her album “25” has consistently stayed at the top of many album charts worldwide and has not even been touched by major artists, such as Justin Bieber, but it is likely that Bowie’s “Blackstar” could rain on her parade. The album has reportedly already sold 155,000 – 156,000 copies in the US, so far, while Adele is selling 120,000 – 125,000 copies. Still 3x more than Justin Bieber though.