Album review: After 7 – Timeless

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 24th 2016

Are After 7 really timeless?

After 7

After 7 review

Any fan of R&B music of the 90s knows this group by one song: “’Til You Do Me Right”. It was at the height of the Babyface reign of smooth R&B, when his brothers popped up with this track. They conquered the world, but disappeared just as quickly.

A few weeks ago, I saw someone share a social media post of the group that mentioned a new album (that has since been released on October 14th). It has been my understanding, somehow, that the trio probably had just released one album that contained “’Til You Do Me Right”, because I actually never heard anything else from them.

But I’m both surprised and excited to discover they had actually released 3 albums over a period of about 7 years – all very successful in the States. They also picked up or lost a fourth member before dissolving somewhere around 1995. Now, 20 years ago, they didn’t only reunite as a group, they also managed to get Babyface on board.

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