Pete Burns, uberfreak stops spinning

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 26th 2016

Pete Burns

Pete Burns blog

When the news of Pete Burns’ sudden death reached me through Twitter yesterday, I really wondered whether I could get away with writing a music blog about him. The only music I remember from him is “You Spin Me Round”, when he was fronting Dead Or Alive somewhere in the middle of the 80s.

With his big dark hair, he was a typical 80s rocker / pop star, especially with him wearing make-up. I didn’t think too much of it then, but I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted what he was about to get creative with.

It was quite some years later, when I ran across a more recent picture of him and was just as shocked as the next to see his altered face. As musical as Pete may have been in his life, I think his legacy lies more in his gender pushing alterations of his appearance. He was a true artist even when it came to that.

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