Willie Nelson is alive and kicking

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 22nd 2017

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson blog

Not many musicians actually retire. Most can’t stop what they’ve been doing their entire life. When you’ve never really been in one place for long, it’s hard to settle down and just do nothing or so it seems. So, most just keep touring until they literally can’t tour no more.

Every once in a while you might even forget that one of those living legends is actually still among the living, so hoaxes about celebrity deaths seem logical, sometimes. But there’s no better comeback from these hoaxes than the one that Willie Nelson once did.

There have been many death rumors that he has survived. The latest one is very recent. Just at the beginning of this month, the Internet was taken over by rumors, again. So, he’s all prepared by now and can just press play on his response in music.

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