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Will Bros be famous again?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 22nd 2017


Bros blog

I was quite excited when I heard the news that UK pop group / boyband Bros were reuniting. Even though the members of the group are brothers and the guys never had a fall out that caused the band to split up, I just never expected Matt and Luke Goss to open the door again for another round of Brosmania. They seemed so settled in their new lives.

Bros had their big break pretty soon after they started with the song “When Will I Be Famous?”. Their synth-pop, good looks and clear fashion statement (levis jeans, white t-shirt and doc martens) took Europe by storm and, back at home in the UK, the guys anonymous lives were over within a heartbeat.

It was the first time, in many years, that fans were staking out outside of band members houses just to catch a glimpse of them and everywhere the group went, about 100 girls followed. I had personally never seen such a thing, but would’ve probably joined the girls if I could have.

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