Cher’s life turns into a show

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 1st 2017


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It’s beginning to be the best compliment for an artist’s music career to become the topic of your very own musical. While “Mamma Mia” only took Abba’s music to create a completely new story line, “Get On Your Feet” literally took the story of Gloria and Emilio to the stage. The latter recently had its premiere in The Netherlands, too, after receiving the official stamp of approval by Gloria herself, who even visited the country for it.

But the latest talk within the American theatre business is all about an upcoming musical about Cher. The one thing I’ve always loved about Cher is that she knows how to put on a show. There were always a lot of dancers, stages with various heights for the dancers to climb on and jump from, and who could miss her outfits, or perhaps lack of outfits. Her farewell show in Europe mimicked a circus. Enough said. And enough material to inspire “The Cher Show”, which is the name of her musical.

When I was in New York, a few years, I had spent an afternoon lost in this huge book store, which had this amazing book about Cher. I know I blogged about that before. What can I say?; it was that impressive. I probably should’ve just bought it.

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