Robbie Williams is witty, cheeky and now, also mental

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 30th 2017

Robbie Williams

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We’ve all gotten used to a little craziness from Robbie Williams, but his new song “Go Mental” is really like nothing I’ve ever heard from him. The worldly electronic bit of looneyville features Big Narsty and the Atlantic Horns to provide a little coolness and a little Latin flavor. For a minute, it reminded me a little bit of the Spice Girls “Spice Up Your Life”, but it was quick to return to a life of its own.

The song does really take a few spins to make some sense and I know, after all, I had to expect the unexpected from mr. Williams. Just when I thought that he was sort of making sense of his life and perhaps showing some maturity – he’s just released an autobiography called “Reveal” – his regular humor appears. Of course, the cover of his upcoming album, “Under The Radar Volume 2” was enough to remind me of his cheekiness already (yep, pun intended). In case you haven’t seen it, it features a bare Robbie climbing a tree. Volume one also featured a naked Robbie on the cover. Not quite the way to stay under the radar, I would think, LOL.

Just a few weeks ago, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of his “Heavy Entertainment Show” on my social media through my connections and friends, who were there.

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