Emeli Sande To Take The World By Storm

Emeli Sande is an artist I expected to turn into an commercial pop-r&b singer after her success reign with the album “Our Version Of Events”. Instead, Emeli took a different path. Much more interesting.

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Emeli Sande’s “Sparrow”

Emeli Sande Got Skills

I must have put her first album on repeat, once I got it. Emeli Sande is one of those singers who seems capable of doing anything with her voice with such ease. She makes singing look so easy, but all the while her songs could be the most complex. It makes her one of the most notable singer-songwriters of her time.


Her new single, “Sparrow”, is another little gem. Take a deep breath in and then try to sing the first lines in one go. The control she has over her breathing is one she’s showcased before, for example on “Hurts”. It’s a skill to envy, but mostly admire. The lyrics of “Sparrow” are uplifting and inspiring. Just like many other songs from her, the song is not just another pop song, but contains a message. A story.

Gospel Influences

When I got her debut album, years ago, I really thought she was going to take the path of becoming a full blown r&b artist. There were so many moments, on that album, that reminded me of Beyoncé. However, the first album was already playing around with gospel and she’s continued combining these influences with whatever came her way.


While Sparrow might give us a little bit of Emeli, the way we know her from her inspiring songs, like “Read All About” and “Beneath Your Beautiful” (with Labrinth), she also has another single out that shows her other side. In collaboration with Naughty Boy. Again, she brushes shoulders with a mixture of influences ranging from world music to country-dance music on their release, “Bungee Jumping”.

Take The World By Storm

Whatever you can say about Emeli, she’s not a shallow pop singer. She’s strongly connected to her surroundings and the world she lives in. The world we all live in. This makes her easy accessible for anyone to interact with her over her social media platforms, where she sometimes initiates conversations. But outside of her own music, she also uses her voice and fame to stand for others, like the victims of the fire in Grenfall, England and women’s rights. So, Emeli is not just inspiring in words and song, but also in actions. Always ready to take the world by storm.

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