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Citizen Queen tributes girl power in music

Citizen Queen tributes girl power in music

New girl group, Citizen Queen, claim your attention as they run down the evolution of girl groups from the 50s to now.

Who Are Citizen Queen?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m quite the admirer of Pentatonix (shortened PTX). Citizen Queen are like an all female version of Pentatonix, including the skills to beat box and provide a deep bass vocal. The latter is quite unusual to find in female singers within today’s pop music. Somehow, we find it more impressive when the octave range goes up instead of down.

The girls are Cora Isabel, Kaylah Sharve’, Hannah Mrozak, Kaedi Dalley and Nina Nelson from Los Angeles, USA. The link to Pentatonix is not exactly accidental. Citizen Queens was brought to life thanks to members of PTX, which they also supported during their last tour in December 2018. This explains how the ‘Queens’ could take off on YouTube and reach millions of views within a matter of 4 months.  Some of the ladies still have their day jobs, but I have a feeling that might not last long.

Evolution of Girl Groups

Girl groups have always captured our imagination. I grew up on them. From the moment I became aware of pop music, I’ve been into girl groups. Over the years, they’ve taken on many shapes and sizes. Their sound has gone far beyond pop and far beyond sweet. Some groups are known for their harmonizing and acappella singing (En Vogue for instance, and even The Bangles).


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