Behind the classics: Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”

Mariah Carey Christmas CD

Mariah Carey Christmas CD

With Christmas approaching, this is one of those songs that doesn’t bore you.. ok, me then! I love Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas“!

Christmas Classic

It’s a real classic. In fact, in the States, this is the most successful Christmas song written since Bing Crosby recorded “Do You Hear What I Hear”, in 1963!

Mariah Carey Kicks Off The Season

It’s pretty simple. Mariah Carey is the go-to-girl to kick off your Holiday season. She’s a true ambassador of the Christmas spirit, as well as the woman who opened the door for us to contemporary Christmas songs.

Modernizing Christmas Music

Before this song was released, all the popular Christmas songs were written between 1934-1963! After “All I Want For Christmas”, a whole string of artists tried to achieve the same success.

Walter Afanasieff Co-Write

Mariah wrote the song with Walter Afanasieff. The two paired up for many of her earlier hits, like “Hero” and her Boyz II Men duet “One Sweet Day”. Additionally, he also co-produced the James Bond title song, “License To Kill”. Oh, and won a Grammy for co-producing “My Heart will Go On” by Celine Dion.

Commercial Success

“All I Want For Christmas” isn’t just popular on the radio. Americans use the song as a ringtone on their phone as well. In 2006, it was the first song ever to receive a RIAA gold certification for sales over 500,000! Last year, 2013, Metro UK reported Mariah would earn almost 440,000 euros (over US$540,000) for this song alone… for only that year!

Funny enough, the song wasn’t even released as a commercial single. It was just supposed help drive up sales of her first Christmas album. However, it’s been rocking Christmas ever since.

Covers And Remixes

Since it’s original release in 1993, Mariah re-worked the track four times. In 2000 a So So Def version was released. A Dance remix was released in 2009. A year later, in 2010, Mariah created an extra festive edition for her second Christmas album. Another year later, in 2011, she re-recorded the song with Justin Bieber for his Christmas album.

Then, there are countless covers made of the song by other artists. Nevertheless, why would you want to listen to any of those when the original still feels like Christmas is really coming?!

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