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Floral Flap Handbag

Floral Flap Handbag

Floral flap handbag made from two old pants
Floral flap handbag, made from two old pants

I’m sure some women will recognize the fabric of this cute little flap handbag. The floral prints originally belonged to a pair of H&M pants. There could many women worldwide who have this.

Turning A Bad Decision Into A Floral Handbag

For me, it didn’t work as pants. It was one of those spontaneous online orders. Exactly, one of those. It disappeared in the closet to never see the light of day. It’s a much bigger success as this bag. In fact, the back pocket is simply the back of the trouser! ‘Cos some things don’t need to get altered, right?

This small hand bag is actually one of my first projects using the sewing machine. The pattern was based on a flap handbag I already owned.

Something White

I felt the busy print needed something to tone it down. And so, the white fabric gives the bag just the right balance. Indeed, that’s the designer in me coming out. 😉

Because it’s just regular fabric – usually not used for a bag – I’ve strengthened the back and flap of the bag. It helps it hold its shape.


I hope to inspire others to create something new with their old clothes. I definitely got inspired after creating this bag, but you will see that, because I will post more pictures along the way!