Upcycled Knitwear Big Bag

Grey hand bag

The finished bag

If I were a professional bag designer, I’d say this is a sample bag for a – yet to be created – Australian themed bag. This really is my trial run for a bag to come. I’m not sure about my pattern and I only have enough Australian themed fabric to create that bag once. So, I have to get it right.

Design of The Big Bag

The design of the bag is based on a bag that I already had. I love the size of it. It’s bigger than a regular hand bag. This allows me to take paper work with me, when I’m seeing clients, or take a lot of hand luggage with me, while I’m travelling. However, he original bag is so worn down, so I wanted to recreate its best bits. The rest of the design comes from a simple sketch, which you will get to see when the Australia bag is made.

Some of the materials

Some of the materials used for the bag

Made From Old Clothes

I believe in re-purposing old clothes. Especially when they are worn down. So, all the patches of fabric you see in the bag, are all old clothes. What I’ve used are old socks (just a strip), black jeans (bottom and top), grey jeans (the bag itself) and a grey knitted sweater (on the sides of the bag). The inner lining is made from an old pajama shirt and the handles originally belonged to an old big shopper. All would’ve otherwise been thrown out. Just look at what I got now!

It all turned our petty good.

Hand bag

Pretty much the finished result. The lining and zipper were added later


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