Mandala inspired drawing: Happy Cat

Lately, I’m playing around with the mandala patterns. Mandalas are drawn to help meditate and increase focus. They are supposed to be part of the meditation process. That soothing effect is why they are so popular. People either draw or color them to relax.

Breaking The Rules

There’s a strictness to them; a perfect balance. I broke those mandala rules. I think I broke them the moment I didn’t draw a circle.

The first thing that I drew, was the outline of a cat. The patterns? I made those up as I went along! I was just winging it and this beautiful happy looking cat came to life.

Mandala effect: Clearing The Mind

Despite dropping the rules behind mandala drawing, the process of creating this still had its effect. It cleared my mind and helped me focus. Drawing usually does that. You should try it sometimes!

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