You Take Me Higher

After singing all these covers, I performed one of my originals. “You Take Me Higher” is one my favorite songs. I wrote it a long time ago. Melvin Dorn produced the music for it, and the song kicked off a collaboration between Mel, Quincy (his musical partner, at that time) and myself. We created some cool stuff together.


Live performance video

Nora points finger up high

Song info

Story behind the song
Live performance video

Song Credits

Lyrics: Nora Tol
Music Production: Melvin Dorn
Genre: Pop-Dance
Release: 2012

Story Behind The Song

The song is about a relationship that is both good and bad for you. Now, there are always good and bad sides to everyone, and thus, also to a relationship. So, it makes the topic very recognizable. Getting pulled in and enjoying the good parts, while you sort of realize it might not be the best thing for you.

Nevertheless, there’s just a real positive vibe to this song, which I really love. It’s so much fun to sing (and hopefully for you to listen to).

I wrote the lyrics in 2012 and mentioned the song, several times, on my website. Maybe you’ve even heard the song before when it received some airplay.

It was a long time ago, since I sung this song. You can tell from my serious looks. I tried to remember the lyrics and adlibs. I’m sure the timing’s off from my original recorded version. Anyway, that’s how you can tell it’s really live singing! Haha!

BTW, I record everything, the video and song, in one take. So, it’s kind of a live performance. Enjoy.



When you come around, you take me higher
Make me feel so light, I feel I’m flying
When you come around, you take me higher
You make me feel like I’m on fire tonight

Verse 1

You sure took your time to come and see me this time
I thought you changed your mind
You never miss a beat, you always do this to me
I should’ve known that you’re not that kind
’Cos even though you’re no good for me
I swear there’s no better chemistry
Than the one we share
So when you say the word, you know I’ll be there ‘cos


Verse 2

You knock me out
Leave me down for the count
With such little things
I must be under your spell
’Cos you’re playing me well
I’m like your puppet on a string
I must be losing my mind, ‘cos time after time
I see the writing on the wall
It’s like something’s got a hold, that I can’t control
I see you and I fall

You take me higher
Higher and higher
You take me higher


CREDITS: lyrics Nora Tol, music: Melvin Doorn


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