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Easy Please Me

Easy Please Me

I love UK singer Katy B. She’s underrated, I think. Her skill level is insane. It’s proven to me again when I covered this song. Her timing is crazy and don’t get me started about her vocal skills. It took a lot of effort getting the hang of “Easy Please Me”. So much respect for the ginger lady.

Story Behind The Song

Why Cover This Song?

Katy B makes everything look totally effortless. It’s what I love about her. Not just her singing looks like it comes easy, but it’s her attitude – almost like a lifestyle – which also transpires into this song. Without effort – while shooting down some guy – she lays down a wish list of the kind of guy or relationship she wants. I like that.

Besides, I love mixing up genres. In my choices of cover songs, it was time for a good dance tune. And this is a great dance track. Okay, I have to admit, initially I wanted to do “Katy On A Mission”. Lyrically, that was a challenge too far. The lyrics didn’t want to stick. “Easy Please Me” was hot on its heels, so it was a no-brainer that I’d cover it. Enjoy!

Cover Song Series

My cover songs are always sung live. I record everything, the video and song, in one take. So, it’s kind of a live performance. I just do them for fun.

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