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Who is Nora Tol?

Thanks for stepping into my world, or just passing by. Over the years, my life has changed a lot and therefore, my website too. There’s a lot to find here, on various topics. Throughout, there’s been some consistency. I love music, internet, writing and I’m always creative. Traces of all, you find here. 

Internet Entrepreneur

I’m a second time business owner with ElNorado Productions. Nowadays, I mainly optimize online content. I either improve on-site search (aka making products easier to find in webshops by playing around with search engine settings and product content) or make blogs easier to find in external search engines like Google and Bing.

However, before, I had a web design / internet company called Nora Tol Virtual Publishing, for which I created websites, logos, maintained website content and hosted websites.


I wrote my first song at age 9 and tried to play a little keyboard and singing. Over the years, all that playing around lead to a demo and some music releases. Mostly, it’s been pop songs with influences of dance music and R&B. Check out my music  on this site.

Writing: Blogs and articles

Nora Tol writing
What will I write about today?

Ever since I’ve learned how to write, it’s been one of those things that I’ve enjoyed doing. Dreams of one day publishing my own music magazine faded with the very first introduction to the Internet. I’ve been writing content for that ever since.

I wrote many product descriptions in Dutch for websites, and am currently mainly writing in English. I write music news for this website, and blog about Uber and Music for clients.

I also publish blogs and articles on LinkedIn Pulse.

Online content

Don't you hate it when you're computer doesn't do what you want it to!
Sometimes it looks like technology has a mind of its own

In my early days as a webdesigner, Internet was just on the rise. There were no content management systems, so being a site’s webmaster also meant I was the site’s content manager.

Online content is still something that drives me. I love telling stories, both in words as in pictures. Online content allows me to combine the two, but there’s one more element to online content that attracts me. It’s not just about the writing. There are technical aspects to take into account, such as SEO, publishing tools and the website itself. I love all the dynamics, which is why I freelance as an online content specialist and digital content creator for ElNorado Productions.

Internet / Technology and Design

Nora Tol from Burner video
We never knew smartphones would impact our lives so much

I just can’t help getting excited about the Internet and all of its impact world wide. From the start, I’ve seen the possibilities and embraced it.

As an entrepreneur I can’t help but keep an eye on the developments of technical application to make life easier. It’s one of the main reasons I blog about Uber.

For me, Internet gave me a platform to channel and publish some of my creativity. I was already designing in Photoshop and writing for newsletters in print, but the Internet gave me access to an audience world wide and I loved it, so I turned it into my job to blog, write articles. On this website, you´ll be able to find all the links to my work.