Run Girl

Run Girl

Music: 2Kingz Music
Lyrics: Nora Tol

You’ve been seeing this love unfold
Through the eyes of a stranger
You’ve been watching his heart turn cold
You’ve been loving the danger

You’d better run girl
It’s not the end of the world
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Music: Darryl Anthony
Lyrics: Nora Tol & Darryl Anthony

The way you move me
You groove right through me
That thing you do to me
Baby baby
Oh so hot
Don’t stop that thing you’re doing to me
Drives me crazy

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Catch Me

Cover of "Catch Me"

Music: Darryl Anthony
Lyrics: Darryl Anthony & Nora Tol

I hate the way he looks at me
Like he can read my mind
Those baby blues can be cruel
With a smile that blinds
I won’t get carried away – by his face
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