If You Want It

Nora Tol - If you want it promo photo

(Lyrics: Nora Tol, Music: Adam Featherstone) VERSE: You say you got a new tune but all I hear is the same song You’re down with the new Got your Dove to wipe the old gone But you didn’t get it… Read on

I Need A Sign

Nora Tol - A Sign

(Lyrics by Nora Tol and Anthony Dent, music by JeeJuh Productions) (or check out the official music video) I need a sign I need a sign I need a sign Is it really over? I need a sign I need… Read on


(music by Tony Knucklez, lyrics: Nora Tol) It’s a green light We’re going for a blaze I say it’s on tonight It’s looking like an 808 While the stars shine We’re stepping to this beat Make it good I want… Read on

Run Girl

Run Girl

Music: 2Kingz Music Lyrics: Nora Tol You’ve been seeing this love unfold Through the eyes of a stranger You’ve been watching his heart turn cold You’ve been loving the danger Pre-Chorus: You’d better run girl It’s not the end of… Read on

Out Of The Box

Music: Gholar Fix Lyrics: Nora Tol Let me break out Of your image of me Adjust your vision Or just set me free ‘Cos time has not been standing still And I have not been waiting ’til You could find… Read on