Update step by step HTML course

The English version of my HTML course is completely updated!

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Learn HTML One Step At A Time

Recently, I’ve been designing a few websites again. Because of this, I’ve started writing more about the webdesign topic. I love sharing the information I’ve gathered in my work. So, I updated my free online step by step HTML course.

All Ready For 2019

The course has been a popular item on my site for over 20 years! Of course, it’s received many updates since it went online, originally in 1998, but a lot has changed with the usage of CSS and HTML 5. That is all incorporated into the course now, so I hope to inspire a whole new generation of webdesigners, UI designers and some webdevelopers! The course will provide a solid base to start learning from.

Better navigation

The category Internet is also the first category to use a newly adjusted sidebar. The right menu in it now features the full course, so it’s easier to navigate through steps or find more topics on webdesign.

My other online courses, the HTML5 course and the Dutch pages, will be updated soon, too. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy designing!


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