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Sia’s new video for powerful “Alive”

Published November 10th 2015

Sia - This Is Acting
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“Alive” is the most talked about new song from Sia’s upcoming album, “This Is Acting”, due for release on January 29th 2016. It’s not just the fact that the song balances between despair and strength, nor is it about the fact that the chorus is powerful celebration of survival, nope, it’s the fact that this song was originally intended for Adele, to be featured on her upcoming album “25”.

Some things were just meant to be, because you can’t help listening to this track and wonder about what it would’ve sounded like IF Adele had recorded it. And yes, she could’ve pulled this off really well, but somehow I think it’s Sia’s distinct voice that makes this song not your average track.

Those little breaks Sia’s voice makes in the chorus, the moment you can hear a very quick higher note in between the note she’s holding, are what make this track so powerful and raw. It gives it the honesty it needs, which, honestly, could only come from the one person who wrote the track, which is Sia herself. As I said, some things were just meant to be.

With the “Alive” video, Sia, who’s stopped appearing in the videos herself a while ago, is introducing a new young dancing sensation. Maddie Ziegler, from her last videos, made room for the 9 year old Mahiro Takano and everyone’s talking about her.

Maddie Ziegler is not fully removed from Sia’s career though. The young girl will be playing the lead in a screenplay Sia is writing called “Sister”.

Many people have been wondering why Sia actually placed Maddie in her videos and started performing with a big wig on to hide her face, but Sia’s struggle with fame is one that many artists have in common.

When Sia shot to global fame, she was actually happy to settle for a career as a songwriter for others. Her brush with fame on a global scale made her want to protect herself from some of the discussion about looks, though it looks like it put the focus on it even more. Still, she’s not always hiding her face. She just took control of when she does or doesn´t show it. She´s not just alive, but she’s also in control.