Rita Ora looks set to be moving on to new label

Published June 8th 2016

Last year, Rita Ora and Roc Nation were slapping each other with lawsuits. Rita wanted out and accused the label of ignoring her while they concentrated on other acts. Roc Nation hit back trying to hold Rita to her 5 album-deal. Only one has been released so far.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora leaves Jay Z’s label


At the time of the lawsuits, Rita’s attorney already let it slip that they expected to settle out of court and even admitted that a deal was already in the works.

New Start

As good things always take time, now, almost a year and a half later, Billboard reports that Rita is a free woman and reportedly signed with Warner Music for her new release.

The news follows a day after rumors emerged of a collaboration between Rita and Justin Bieber. Being able to focus on her music career again seems to definitely have put it back on her agenda, but Rita is currently also finished up the filming of 50 Shades Darker (the sequal to 50 Shades of Grey). The movie should hit cinemas in February of 2017.

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