Prince’s official cause of death known

Published June 5th 2016

Yesterday, it was supposed to be his 58th birthday, but 6 (long) weeks ago Prince was found dead at his beloved Paisley Park.


Answers arrive surrounding Prince’s death

Prince’s Autopsy Report Confirms Suspicion

Last week, the autopsy report was presented confirming the suspicion that Prince has died consequence of an overdose on opioid fentanyl painkiller. This potent narcotic has been causing a flood of deaths across the US, when it’s bought on the illegal market. It is also highly addictive.


The officials have marked Prince’s death as accidental, confirming that he was found with the opioid in his hand. Investigations, so far, have not found any prescriptions given out to Prince for the drugs.

Even though the autopsy report has stated that Prince has self-administered the drugs into his system, authorities are still treating the circumstances surrounding his death as a criminal investigation. The investigation is still ongoing.

Always In Pain

Prince most likely got addicted to the heavy painkiller (usually used to treat cancer patients) to numb the pain in his hip, which a hip replacement surgery in 2008, didn’t even end. The chronic pain, reportedly, was medicated with a lighter painkiller at first, but Prince’s pain was chronic and that often leads to a long winding road to find a successful pain treatment, with or without the help of doctors.

Andrew Kornfeld, son of the MD assigned to an intervention attempt and oneof the 3 people who found Prince dead, has written a lengthy article about the drug, the problem Prince may have run into, the day of his death and addiction problems in general, published by CNN.

58th Birthday Celebration

To celebrate Prince’s 58th birthday, Spike Lee, threw a lush birthday bash in Brooklyn yesterday. During this 6 hour event, there were a lot of performers and DJ to celebrate the life and career of Prince. Last month, Spike Lee had also put together a spontaneous block party as a tribute to Prince on the day he died.

Beck also paid tribute to Prince at the Governors Ball this weekend, reflecting on his brief encounter with him as he was presented an award from him at the Grammys last year.

Other tributes by artists and fans are still pouring in daily.

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