Lenny Kravitz designs Daytona watch for Rolex

Published November 15th 2016

Daytona Rolex by Kravitz Design

Daytona Rolex by Kravitz Design

Lenny Kravitz has designed a Daytona watch for Rolex in collaboration with Swiss watchmakers Les Artisans de Geneve.

With an extra broad strap underneath the clock, this watch gets the look you would expect from a rock star. It’s tough looking and classical.

Kravitz always has a knack for using dark colors in his designs, and it’s no surprise he has used gold to accent the timers and buttons and contradict them with black.

The strap is 70s inspired and made completely by hand.

To keep a link to the music, the watch comes in a black leather-clad case with golden locks, which is actually also a Bluetooth speaker.

Because only 55 of these were made, these watches go for $42,000.

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