Jessie J cancels tour due to illness

Published March 17 2015

I’ve just had a reminder on how fragile health can be. A bad cold got me out of the music game for weeks. My voice was completely gone and still, almost three weeks later, I’m struggling with my singing voice. It’s like I don’t control it yet. Though it’s getting better every day it has caused a major back log of work and I even missed out on some freelance work as an online content specialist because of it.

Illness is bad for everyone of course, but with my recent experience freshly in mind, I can’t help but feel the frustration of Jessse J when I read the news of her cancelling the remainder of her Australian tour. She suffers from ‘sudden illness’. Luckily Jessie J will be back in Australia later this year and she’ll find a way to make it up to the fans. And me? I’m getting back in the swing of things too. You’ll receive more music news updates again 🙂

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