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Donell Jones gets his Unsung documentary

Donell Jones gets his Unsung documentary

Published February 28th 2016

Donell Jones, mainly known from “U Know What’s Up”, a huge R&B hit around 1995, has made an “Unsung” documentary for TVOne.

Unsung Uncensored

Donell Jones
Donell Jones reveals all

The popular series of music documentaries show the struggle of many R&B artists after their breakthrough years ago or during a successful career. The show gives an honest look behind the lives of the greatest stars from the 90s and has already told the stories of H-Town, Hi-Five, Montell Jordan and many more.

The Donell Jones Story

Donell Jones has previewed his “Unsung” to friends and family earlier this month and his Unsung episode aired on TVOne last week.

After his brush with fame himself, he continued to write hits for others, and managed to release more music of his own, but he also had a dependency on drugs and alcohol that nearly killed his career and his life.

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