Norah Jones is carrying a nostalgic tune

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 10th 2016

Norah Jones

Norah Jones review

What’s in a name, eh? Well, apart from sharing my name (minus the H) with this lady, I also have the love for music in common with Norah Jones. However, that’s also where the link between us ends. I love some of her songs, but not all of her music.

I loved her breakthrough album,  “Come Away With Me”, but she lost me later in her career, but according to many sources it was time for me to reconnect with her, as her new, upcoming, album “Day Breaks” is reported to bring her back to her early days.

So, when new music by her was uploaded to YouTube, I couldn’t help but check it out and I’d have to say it’s been a lovely surprise. You see, the piano is my favorite instrument and that just happens to play a leading role in her new single.

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