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Review: David Guetta, Sia & Fetty Wap – Bang My Head

Review: David Guetta, Sia & Fetty Wap – Bang My Head

Written for Kurrent Music
Published December 31st 2015

Bang On Collabo

David Guetta and Sia review
David Guetta and Sia

Out of all the dance tracks that I had on my list to listen to this week, this one is my favorite.

Eva Simons “Bludfire” and Major Lazer’s “Light It Up” are all ok, but there’s something that happens to a song once Sia sings on it.

I’m not a big fan of Sia, partially because of her struggle with being recognized. It just makes me not understand her. In music, you could then choose to stay in the background, but out in the open, you know it’s part of the job. So, whenever I think of Sia, “constraint” is the first word I think of.

But as much as I might try to dislike her, her music usually sways me over. It’s in the way she uses her voice and interprets lyrics.

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