Working out what happened to Texas

Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 26th 2017


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Two years ago, Scottish pop rock band Texas celebrated their 25th anniversary. The group has had an impressive career with many ups and downs in terms of levels of success, as well as experimenting with many different styles of music. However, after their anniversary year, it’s actually been pretty quiet.

Now, Texas have released a new single and decided to return with an old sound. No, that doesn’t mean they went back to the blues, country pop sound they’d made their debut with on “I Don’t Want A Lover”. Nor did they return with a hip hop collaboration like ”Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)” that featured Wu Tang Clan. It’s an old sound, but it’s new to them (to as far as I know).

The song is called “Let’s Work It Out” and makes Texas one of a few acts (including Blondie with “Fun”) giving a nod to the old disco sound.

In contradiction to many other disco inspired pop songs, “Let’s Work It Out” is not a song that grabbed me right away. In fact, I think the track was well into the second repetition of its chorus when I finally got the hang of the song.

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