Take That bring us a cheerful new day

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 2nd 2017

Take That

Take That promo

OK, I have to admit that I think I’m rekindling my fanship for Take That. They’ve just released a new single called “New Day”, with a bit of a weird video, and I like it. I’m not too sure about the video though. I’m still trying to piece together what the story of it could be.

I know I blogged about them before and already stated that I had lost my connection with the group pretty much after they quit in the 90s, somewhere, but they have been able to surprise me with their new material several times. But now I think they got me hooked.

Perhaps it’s the bit of reminiscing with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke that pushed me over and realizing that I should start playing some of their music again. Not all of their old material will still strike a chord with me, but the new stuff will probably suit me so much better.

Seeing the guys being interviewed in that relaxed setting definitely reminded me of the old days. One thing I always liked about them is the fact that they were such good sports and just seemed to enjoy themselves.

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