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The Spice Girls are leaving some spices out

Written for Kurrent Music
Published on July 11th 2016

Spice Girls GEM

Spice Girls GEM blog

It’s been THE question for this year, 2016. Will or won’t the Spice Girls reunite? This year, it’s exactly 20 years ago when the world first got spiced up and the 5 girls took over with their girl power.

For months people have been speculating and former members have been hinting at “something” to happen this year, but when the year officially kicked off, it became clear that it may not be the reunion everyone was hoping for.

Victoria Beckham (aka “Posh”) was very quick to respond to all the rumors and make it painfully clear she was done with those days from her past. With her fashion empire, who could blame her?! She has other things to worry about. Besides, according to her own words, she never really played a big part in their live shows anyway as she “asked the crew to always turn her mic off” during Spice Girls’ concerts.

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