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Published August 18th 2017

Music is love

Music is love blog

I’ve always felt that freedom of speech is very important, but a good person knows there’s a limit to what you can really say in various circumstances. That’s just because you have a social awareness. Perhaps you can even call that social skills. Certain things are just better kept to yourself as a personal opinion.

In music, artists have always fought against censorship and thus freedom of speech, usually so lyrics can get even more explicit about sex, but I was actually surprised to hear that there’s a lot of hate songs out there, apparently. Not the Kelis momentary expression of release about a love gone bad in “I hate you so much right now”, but just full on senseless hate towards other races and spreading hate as a deliberate attempt to stir trouble between races.

Very naively, I just assumed that every streaming platform (as well as social media platform, BTW) wants to be a positive place and would have policies in place that certain things are not allowed. Usually website hosts do have those policies.

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