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The dark side of Mr. Probz

The dark side of Mr. Probz

Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 21st 2016

Mr Probz
Mr Probz blog

In between all the pop stars who are trying to get our attention with doing or wearing crazy things, there’s Mr Probz. The Dutch singer, rapper and songwriter is the guy next door. He wants to be known by his music and not by anything else.

He’s not as shy as some other musicians with the same ideal – Mr Probz is doing some interviews and such – but basically, he’s not a “let’s-scream-it-from-the-rooftops”-kind of guy. For those unfamiliar to traditional Dutch culture, it is somewhat the national attitude to just act normal.

But it is his music that turned out to have an international allure. Once he managed to get himself in the picture, things started to evolve pretty quickly with his 2013 single “Waves” bringing him international fame and international collaborations.

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