Glennis Grace is graced by Nicki Minaj

Written for Kurrent Music
Published April 29th 2017

Glennis Grace

Glennis Grace blog

America, what took you so long?! About 20 or more years ago, a then 16 year old girl from Amsterdam called Glennis Grace won a Dutch talent show for imitators. Her live vocals were nearly an exact match to Whitney Houston. Glennis was a great fan of hers and a career full of struggles followed.

Glennis tried to become the Dutch Whitney Houston for years, but the grand vocal acrobatics couldn’t always get her in the charts. She was famous, well-known, but she just didn’t seem to quite live up to the expectation everyone had for her to become one of those Dutch breakthrough artists abroad.

We even send her to the Eurovision Song Contest a few years ago, with a grand Whitney Houston-ish song so she could show off those vocal skills, but nothing happened internationally after that either.

Throughout all of her career, she had kept her own repertoire in English. Because of her international allure and the potential of an international breakthrough, I’m sure no one even advised her to try something else.

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