Emily Estefan, the jazz rebel of the family

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 23rd 2016

Emily Estefan

Emily Estefan blog

If you’re the daughter of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, it’s not all that strange that you would start a music career of your own. It’s in your roots. It could very well be the only world you know.

Emily Estefan has been making a name for herself for about a year or two now and has started pretty high on the ladder with some very impressive performances as her stepping stone. That, and the support of her parents, as well as the power of the Estefan name, already laid the foundation of big things to come. In fact, I mentioned her in one of my very first Kurrent Music blogs when Gloria was my main subject. Now, the new generation is taking over. Emily has released a new single that has got people blogging.

“Reigns (Every Night)” caught the attention of the online media due to the video. It shows a bit of a dark side, a bit of an edge. One you wouldn’t expect when you know a little bit about Gloria and Emilio. It’s out of character and therefore, interesting.

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