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Published June 11th 2017


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With the way my life is right now, I don’t get too much time to focus on my own music. One of the producers, almost painfully reminded me that it’s already been a year, exactly, since my last release. I’ve worked with him on a track called “A Sign”. It’s a lovely r&b pop ballad and was released on  June 10th 2016, for which I’ve just created a video. In the meantime, he’s released a range of collaborations and has had an important magazine feature him as a songwriter. Things are moving.

His name is Anthony Dent, in short DAT and he brings talent together. Global talent. Coming from a background writing music and lyrics for theatre, he has been making a transition to pop music in the last few years.

So far, all t of his music collaborations have always led to pop and r&b tracks, but his latest collaboration with Albanian singer Dea Strica, also known as Deyah, has been a bit of a surprise to me. It had brought him to a bit of a dark side.

The track, “You Got Me”, still shows some influences of hip hop. It’s in the beat at the beginning of the song and the rap that Dea’s providing on the second verse, but its major influence comes from gothic and it shows from the very first time the beat hits.

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