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Desmond Dennis from clones and covers to original r&b

Desmond Dennis from clones and covers to original r&b

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 15th 2017

Desmond Dennis
Desmond Dennis blog

There are many times when I’m forced to multitask and I usually end up wishing I could split myself into more than one individual. Well, there’s one artist who has made this his trademark: meet Desmond Dennis….and his 4 alter egos.

After spending most his life studying boy bands and r&b music, he finally became a member of one. Between 2010 and 2014 (ish) he was a member of SJ3. A very young Desmond learned about the business. The youngsters released a couple of songs (which you can still find online) before splitting up, leaving Desmond to find his way for himself.

Desmond started doing what most singers do. He started a YouTube channel and dropped videos of him doing covers. That was already going well, each video reached thousands of views, but when harmonizing became the trending thing to do, he took a capella videos to a different level from the rest.

The typical split screen videos were not for him. After all, he grew up wanting to be part of a boy band. So, he recreated one by making videos with 5 Desmonds. In the same shot! He calls his fantasy band “Clone 5”.

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