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Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 23rd 2017


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I welcome anyone to tell me who to watch when it comes to upcoming talent, but in the middle of all the well-intended suggestions, I do feel like the average talent show judge who sits through a lot of not so good stuff to get to the one or two artist that stand out. This week, that honor goes to a duo from Amsterdam, called CUT_

Apparently, they’ve done some appearance recently that caught everyone’s attention, but altogether they seem to be on their way to something. They have had some great venues and festivals to play and they have a great, artistic concept to share.

Within this concept they incorporate audio and visuals to create a total package. Even though the band themselves see this as an unique selling point, I see this a lot within the genre they are in. They make a bit of a mix of what they, themselves, describe as “alternative electronics and edgy pop music”. Basically, it’s Lorde meets Goldfrapp.

I would say it’s experimental that will appeal to a select group of people. The songs have a lot of variation, so the clear building elements of mainstream pop are somewhat lacking and the music takes unexpected turns.

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