Avicii is making a major change

Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 30th 2016


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Today, I heard the news that Avicii had made the announcement to stop touring. For the entertainment show I was watching on TV, it was just an unimportant story they only covered for a few seconds, but to me, this is a story I know very well.

Reading his announcement on his official website, is like reading a page from my own book of life. The TV reporters were already quick to point out that Avicii had been having some health problems, which they now view as a symptom of him potentially burning out. To me, Avicii just shows the classic signs of a creative person, who just had a little bit too much of the same thing.

Creative people tend to be creative in more than one thing. While some people see this as a flaw and think we’re very unfocused, the fact is that we are very expressive and are on a continuous search for ways to express ourselves. It actually makes us very driven. Driven by our creativity.

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