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Published on October 27th 2015


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A good 30 years ago, their video for “Take On Me” put them on the map. A-Ha, from Norway, had done what very few European acts managed to do; break through internationally. That even included an American breakthrough.

The video, which was partly animated, caught everybody’s eye. It was very renewing, at the time. The group themselves were actually not all that happy with the song. Like true serious musicians, they felt it was too commercial. They even made many versions of it, before the one we know became a hit. The one we know, is the only one Morten got to hear and he actually convinced them to record it.

A-Ha went on to become teen stars. Though they couldn’t hang on to fame in the States, they did manage to continue it in Europe, right up to the early 90s. But when their fifth studio album, released in 1994, failed commercially, the band broke up.

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Update added: August 8th 2019

Weezer covered the song and even did their own version of that iconic “Take On Me”-video. Here’s a screenshot I made of it for my social media. Follow me. I share music related posts daily.

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