Kesha releases new single with Zedd

Published April 28th 2016

In the middle of her legal battle against Dr. Luke and Sony Music, Kesha has finally been able to release a new song. The track is called “True Colors” and is not to be confused with Cyndi Lauper’s song of the same title.

True Colors

The song is an empowering electro track, which shows incredible hope and strength from Kesha in the middle of her difficult time.

The song was originally released by Zedd last year, but was rerecorded with Kesha on vocals with the permission of Dr. Luke. Zedd and Kesha also  performed together at the Coachella festival this year.

Kesha’s Mother Seeks Peace.. For Herself, Not With Dr. Luke

In the meantime, Kesha’s mother has dropped her countersuit against Dr. Luke. It’s been reported that the strain of her lawsuit was too much and she chose to drop it to find some closure. Due to the parties slapping each other with constant lawsuits, the legal battles appeared to be ongoing. Kesha, of course, is still fighting.

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