Celebrities Lose Millions Of Instagram Followers

A few days ago, Instagram announced a big clean up of user accounts. They deleted accounts which they consider spam accounts. Everyone was warned about a noticeable drop in followers.

Cleaning Up

Every once in a while, every social media channel does something like this. However, for a lot of celebrities, this Instagram clean up meant they lost millions of followers on Instagram. Despite this being a small percentage of their total followers, it still hurt them the most.

Social Media Advertising

This story appeals to me on all levels. First of all, I’m an artist and put a lot of effort into maintaining my own social media channels. Second, I’m an Internet professional, who’s responsible for a few Facebook advertising campaigns. In the world of Internet marketing, fake followers or spam accounts are always an issue. You just don’t want to be paying for a follower, who doesn’t really like you.


Just recently, I ran a Facebook campaign on my own artist page to increase my likes. I didn’t buy likes, but set up an official ad campaign through Facebook Ads to find an audience that would truly be interested in all the content I post on Facebook.

My campaign was successful, because my 76 likes turned into over 3200 likes within a few weeks.

However, I can never really be sure if the audience I’ve gathered is full of fake accounts or spam accounts. They are hard to spot on Facebook.


It’s much easier to spot the spam followers on Twitter. Usually, they are the accounts that follow you one day to see if they get a follow back. If you do, they usually send you a direct message to plug whatever and then unfollow you right after. Even if that doesn’t happen, you will know exactly what’s up when your feed fills up with advertisements.

Back To Insta Or The Gram

This year, I’ve become more active on Instagram and I’ve found it easier to captivate an audience with just one picture combined with the right hashtags, than I’ve found it easy to gain followers there.

However, I’m not a celebrity. Some celebrities lost up to 8% of their IG followers – in an instant. Quite a shock for some artists. Rapper Ma$e closed his account, because his 272K Instagram followers after the clean up was not worth staying around for.  He lost 1.5 million users….

So, if any of those 272K people are still looking for someone cool to follow, please check out my Instagram account.

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