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What is SERP?

When most people talk about Google ranking they’ll be referring to the search results pages, or the official term SERP.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It’s the page you see after you’ve hit that Search button.

Most websites wish to score really high on these pages and that’s exactly where SEO comes in. The more you optimize your website to the search engine’s rules, the more chances you have to rank high.

Keep your site visitor in mind

However, within this process, keep in mind that you’re not making your website for a search engine, but for actual people. You want them to find your site, but you also want them to enjoy your site. After all, you either want to share or sell something. Luckily, most search engines love user friendly website too, but it’s easy getting lost in SEO.

Research shows around 200 SEO rules could be used for ranking

Even though just a handful of SEO tips and tricks are widely publicized, there are actually about 200 factors that are suspected to play a factor in how your website is being ranked on the SERP. And that’s just Google. Who knows what other factors come into play for other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Google, themselves, keep most of those factors a secret. Not just to keep us guessing, but they also need to change their rules as they, too, keep trying to optimize their SERP to achieve user satisfaction. So, most of the least known factors are actually pulled from research many SEO experts have done.