Pentatonix are dancing on their own

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 7th 2017


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Just like many others, I love Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. The lyrics are so recognizable and it’s not a surprise at all that so many other artists have turned this song into a ballad. The song words lend them to this so heavily.

In a recent addition to all the ballad cover versions out there, Pentatonix did their thing to the song, too and man, they did it again! Pulling on the heartstrings even more than usual, they’ve found a way to incorporate the cello into the song.

When I saw them live in Amsterdam, Kevin already surprised me with the combination of beat boxing and playing the cello. A technique he calls “celloboxing”. It was refreshing to see an a capella group have a bit of an intermezzo in their show with a full instrumental song by one of its members. It showed there was more to this group than met the eye.

Their version of “Dancing On My Own” gets another dimension of sadness due to the addition of the cello, but when they get to the second verse, they bring new life to the track by adding the beat box.

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