Single Review: Brandy – Beggin’ & Pleading

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 8th 2016

Old Fashioned Beggin’ & Pleading


Brandy review

R&B singer, Brandy, is preparing her first album drop in 4 years and has surprised us with a YouTube upload of the song “Beggin’ & Pleading”, which immediately reached Billboard’s Trending 140 chart at number 2.

In 2014, she topped that same chart with her cover of Coldplay’s “Magic”. Something entirely different. Altogether, “Beggin’& Pleading” is something different from her usual repertoire, keeping in mind that Brandy has already showed an experimental side in her music, throughout her lengthy career.

To most people, I’m sure, Brandy is R&B’s good girl, in constant competition with Monica, who not only appears on various sitcoms from time to time, but also pops up with some cool songs every once in a while. It’s public knowledge that her  mom manages her and protects the good girl image, while brother Ray J, at times, acts out. All in all, their careers are truly a family business.

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