Akon drops new track just 3 weeks after his last

Published December 14th 2015

Just 3 weeks after his previous release, Akon has dropped a new song called “Want Some”. This slow sexual jam with DJ Chose follows up his last up-tempo song, “Stick Around”, a collaboration with Matoma.

Even though it was expected that Akon would drop all of his multi disc “Stadium” albums before the end of this year, the albums now seem to be led by new single releases instead.

In the following weeks, I guess, we’ll find out if 2 or 3 more singles will be released for the remaining genres of the ambitious “Stadium” project.

Both tracks showcase the familiar Akon sound, who’s still working the overdone Autotune effects on his vocals. They are well received by various websites as being incredibly “radio friendly” and having major “hit potential”, but the songs don’t appear to cross over to the major music websites as yet. Perhaps everyone is concentrating on the holidays right now and Akon will impact later.

Make up your own mind about the tracks:


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