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Concert review: OG3NE – Three times a lady

Concert review: OG3NE – Three times a lady

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 26th 2017

OG3NE review

While seeing the Eurovision Song Contest this year, I was convinced that I had to see girl group OG3NE live in concert and it just so happened I’d seen a show announced at a location where I would be that day. But their concerts aren’t regular concerts, at this time. The girls are touring with a theatre show called “Three Times A Lady”.

Leading up to us going to the show, we already ran into the great unknown about this setup of a theatre music show. Does it have a supporting act? Usually we skip those because we need the extra time getting from work to the venue, mostly. Will they do a bag check getting in the venue? At what time will it end?

Then in the venue, the next round of questions came up: Will the show have an intermission? Are we allowed to get out of our seats, stand up and dance a little?

When looking around in the sold out theatre, we could tell the venue was filled with a very mixed audience. This was definitely not what this group would have attracted in any other way. Every age group was represented, from little kids to their grannies.

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