Kiesza returns to the guitar

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 30th 2017


Kiesza blog

No one has walked onto the music scene as impressive as Kiesza. With her red dancing shoes, she seemed set to take over the world, but her impression quickly faded. A few songs after her big hit, “Hideaway”, she seemed to have disappeared mostly. It turned out Kiesza had spent that time mainly writing for others and she also enjoyed a bit of a break.

Now, she’s back and she’s released a new song called “Dearly Beloved”. It’s a song that’s slightly at the other side of the spectrum in pop music compared to “Hideaway”. Back then, it looked like Kiesza was going to be a new sensation in electronic pop, but the synthesized sounds have been replaced by a guitar in her new song. And that’s not the only change.

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