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Any business, or artist, would love to generate free publicity. Sending out a few press releases is a great way to attempt to get some.

In the past, I’ve send out press releases for various entertainment related companies as well as my own former internet company. Read more about my experience with press releases below

What’s News To You May Not Be For Others

Step one when it comes to press releases, is to understand when your news is news worthy to the press. Everyone is proud of what they have done or what they are about to do, but not everything is considered news to the press. To spot this, takes some insight to the press you are targeting.

For instance, some news about your business, your website or your music career could actually be of interest to local press or publication within your branch, but maybe not so much for national or international press.

What The Press Loves

One thing the press loves is research results or success abroad. The press coverage I have gotten locally for my music, was generated by a press release about my single release in the States.

Press coverage I’ve managed to attract for my former clients, Dutch R&B groups DeAnte and Sat-R-Day, was mainly due to the fact they worked with international artists Jazz (Dru Hill) and Coolio. This led international music news sites to post an article about the collaboration.

Timing Is Everything

Topic, timing and the right list of contacts, are such important ingredients to a press release and its results.

My Experience With Press Releases

The most successful press releases that I’ve written and send, which have sparked publicity, have been for

V&S Dance
Talented Unlimited/DEMP
Beat The Odds

Need help?

Realize that sending out press releases is not my core business. I don’t have mailing databases like I used to, but if you only need your press release to be written, contact me for more information.

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