Uber launches smoothly in Northern Ireland

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 2nd 2016

Uber launch in Northern Ireland

The smoothest Uber launch ever?

The launch of Uber in Northern Ireland has been planned very well and it’s been one of the few launches that has actually gone smoothly for the company. However, it’s not been without compromise. Find out what they had to alter.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

Everyone who had applied and registered to start driving for Uber in Northern Ireland, was invited to come down to an informative session last week to hear the ins and outs of Uber driving.

According to reports 10,000 fresh new Ubers are about to embark on their new (side) careers as Uber launches in Northern Ireland in about an hour after I’ve written this blog. Ooh, how exciting!

It will be easy to spot the Uber cars, because for the first time ever in the history of Uber, they will be having roof signs to advertise their services.

Uber doesn’t appear to be cheaper than any other cab service in the area, but it is new to Ireland that they are using a cashless system and that people can use their smartphones to request the ride, as well as track it while its driving to them.

In comparison to launches in other countries, the launch in Northern Ireland has been going pretty smoothly so far. It has been suspected it’s because Uber slightly altered their services to match a taxi service rather than a ride sharing platform. This has led to some press explaining how Uber will work for Ireland.

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